On Tuesday, October 9 and Thursday, October 11 we welcomed our first group of 7th and 8th grade students and high school students respectively. It was an exciting week and we have welcomed new students each week since. Along with our smiling volunteers, it is good to see this building come alive and our numbers growing!



Each Tuesday and Thursday, most students arrive at The Hangar after being picked up at school by our bus. After checking in, most head to the kitchen off the gym for snacks and drinks.

From there they have many free time options:

  • Basketball/football/other games in the gym with volunteers ready to play.
  • Multiple video game consoles along with a VR station.
  • Game table area with pool tables, ping pong, air hockey and pinball machine.
  • Art room with paints, other craft activities and a wonderful volunteer who isthere to encourage creative projects as she hangs out with the students.
  • Large open area with bean bags to hang out.
  • Quiet room available for students looking for a space to themselves or a spotthat is quiet.

After free time, there is a large group time with Mr. Dan. And then small group time where students meet with an adult volunteer and 4-5 other students, followed by more free time. Dinner is provided before students are picked up or get back on the bus and are taken to their homes.



Our golf outing was a great success! Being our first event and with limited time to prepare, we had 24 foursomes come out to Railside and golf. We are thankful to the golfers, volunteers and sponsors who came to support The Hangar. More importantly, due to their generosity, we were able to net almost $23,000!



My wife and I are both graduates of BCHS, have lived here pretty much our entire lives and love this community. I serve on the board and we support The Hangar because we believe in its mission to help the kids in Byron Center thrive. We believe this is done through providing a faith based, fun, safe space where kids find an incredible staff of people that desire to simply build relationships with them and walk through life with them.


This is a community center and we need volunteers! We will needto add volunteers to be available when students are here,especially as we grow (and we are growing!) and add 5th and 6thgrade students. We would love to have volunteers who havespecial skills they can share with our students: sewing,woodworking, writing, etc. We have a room available forwoodworking or small building projects or teaching basic skillswith tools. We can also use volunteers for cooking or providingfood items. And we need people to just hang out, play games, talk,and be available.



We need people willing to support usmonetarily. We would love to receivemonthly donations and one-timedonations. If there is some part youwould like to sponsor specifically, contact us.


Hi! My name is Kristen Bazuin and I am a volunteer for the Hangar. You might ask why I volunteer for the Hangar? The short answer is I was invited. Let’s be honest, being invited feels good, to know on some level we are wanted and needed meets a need in our hearts. I think the more important question is why I’m staying because it is hard and way out of my comfort zone. The world we live in is hard and that hard can be found at every turn. I volunteer for the Hangar because God has called each of us who love Him to make His name known. One way we can share Him is by creating a safe place for kids to be kids, to ask questions and to know they are loved and safe. Guess what? You can belong at the Hangar too! I am inviting you to consider how you can contribute to loving the students of Byron Center, giving them a sense of belonging and giving them a chance to thrive!